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Alexander the Great Hephaestion Queer Romance Gay Books Spicy Steamy

Book One: Alexander the Great and Hephaestion

Alexander knew what was expected of him.

As son to the great Philip II of Macedon and next in line for the throne, he knew that one day he would need to take a wife and produce an heir of his own. But despite the best efforts of endless suitors, Alexander never understood desire; that is until his handsome best friend, Hephaestion, offered him something more tempting than anything he had ever experienced before.

Torn between duty and love, Alexander tries to navigate the intricacies of expanding an empire, discovering himself, and understanding what family and legacy mean to him.

Friends to Lovers, First Time, Angst, Happy Ending

Emperor Ai

Emperor Ai of Han Dong Xian Queer Romance Gay Books Spicy Steamy

Book Two: Emperor Ai of Han and Dong Xian

Among the stacks of books in the palace library sat the most beautiful man Dong had ever seen. He almost felt like he was intruding but couldn't bring himself to walk away, the magnetic pull between them was too much.

Stumbling upon the Emperor of China during his first trip to the capitol as a government official had not been part of the plan; nor was becoming said Emperor's lover between meetings.

How many days could Dong Xian realistically go without falling head over heels for the one man in the country that he could not have?

More than one, certainly.



Strangers to Lovers, Sex Before Feelings, Angst, Happy Ending

Coming Soon

This series will be between 10 and 15 books and will each highlight a historical figure who was either rumored to be or confirmed to be queer and their partner(s). 

Keep in mind that these are all works of fiction and the personalities and intimate details of the relationships are described based on the interpretation of the author. 

Stay tuned for more!

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